Chimney height

It is important to choose the right chimney, so that your stove functions optimally.

If there is insufficient airflow in your chimney, this can result in smoke blowback and poor combustion. This will affect the functionality of your stove, your fuel economy and the environment.

Figure 1

For 0 to 20 degree roof slope angles, the chimney outlet must be at leastt 40 cm above the roof ridge or at least a metre from the surface of the roof.

Figure 2

For roof slope angles exceeding 20 degrees, the chimney outlet must be at least 40 cm above the roof ridge, or have a horizontal distance from the roof surface of at least 2.30 metres.

All new chimneys must be at least one meter above the upper edge of ventilation intakes, windows or doors within a 15 metre radius of the chimney.

Applies to all new installations since 26/01/2015