DOP / Declaration

Via the link, for the individual model, you will quickly find all applicable Performance / DOP certificates.

Note! If the stove has been discontinued from the current range, the model and declaration will not appear on this list. See possibly under Info > Discontinued models.

Declaration of Performance (DOP)

Varde Als
Varde Aura 1
Varde Aura 3
Varde Aura 3 Stone
Varde Aura 11
Varde Bornholm
Varde Cardiff Air
Varde Lincoln
Varde Lyon Air
Varde Nice Air
Varde Nordic 3
Varde Nordic 7 Air
Varde Nordic 9 Air
Varde Samsø
Varde Samsø Stone
Varde Shape 2 Air
Varde Shape 2 Air Stone
Varde Thurø 13