Guarantee / Warranty rights


All VARDE wood-burning stoves are subject to close quality control. We take great pride in delivering uniform quality products every time. However, manufacturing defects can occur every now and then, so we offer a 5-year guarantee.

The guarantee on your Varde products does not cover:

  • Wear-and-tear parts, such as Vermiculite panels in the combustion chamber, glass panes, seals, handles, cast iron bases and shaker grates.
  • Damage caused by improper operation, incorrect connection, lack of or incorrect maintenance (see user manual).
  • Overheating/deterioration of materials due to use of e.g. incorrect type of firewood, burning coke or excessive firewood.
  • Connection of your stove to a chimney with poor air draw (e.g., a chimney that is too short / long or with leaks).
  • Damage to paintwork due to installation/storage in unheated or humid surroundings or that is due to cleaning with damp cloths and cleaning products.
  • All normal wear to wear-and-tear parts/consumables and paintwork.
  • Damage that is caused by external forces of physical nature.
  • Compensation for any consequential damage, including damage to other objects.
  • Assembly and/or disassembly for warranty repairs or replacement of a new product.
  • Leaky Cover due to lack of maintenance of silicone mass (should be inspected once a year). or due to incorrect installation which prevents the water to run off (especially important with low roof slope).

However, we offer a 6-month guarantee on all wear-and-tear parts that are not covered by other guarantees.

For all other products – except wood-burning stoves and wear-and-tear parts – we offer a 2-year guarantee/warranty right pursuant to the Danish Sale of Goods Act.

Warranty rights

You have 2-5-year warranty on all our products, subject to the above conditions. This means that you are entitled to make a warranty claim if the product has errors or deficiencies.

For any deficiencies that are covered by this warranty, upon delivery to the customer, or for deficiencies that arise during the warranty period, VARDE Ovne accepts to either send a suitable replacement component at no charge to remedy the deficiency, to exchange the item, to issue a refund against return of the item or to offer a partial refund depending on the specific situation. VARDE Ovne is under no obligation to assist in the installation/replacement of components.

In addition to the rights conferred by our guarantee, consumers also have rights pursuant to the Danish Sale of Goods Act. These rights are conditional upon the claim being justifiable and that it is not due to incorrect use or other behaviour that has damaged the product. 

The claim must be presented within reasonable time of you having noticed the error or deficiency to the product. A claim that is presented within two months of you having noticed the deficiency shall always be considered timely.

All correspondence concerning warranty claims must be via the dealer from whom you purchased your stove. Please bring your purchase invoice and pictures. Alternatively, you can complete the warranty claim form on this website.

We will require a detailed description of the claim/problem so that we can deal with it quickly and come up with a solution.