Combustion issues

Issues with combustion in your stove can be due to a variety of causes. Below you can read about the various causes of combustion issues and what action you can take to get your stove’s combustion back on track.

Smoke seeping into the room

  • Bad chimney draught
  • Check the smoke outlet or chimney for blockages.
  • Check that chimney height is appropriate for your surroundings

Soot on glass and/or from the chimney

  • Your firewood is too damp.
  • Combustion air flow is too low (secondary air).
  • You reduced ignition air flow too early when starting the fire.
  • Flames in the combustion chamber must always be clear.

The stove is not producing heat

  •  The firewood is too damp (energy is consumed drying) or is too poor quality.
  • Check the position of the smoke inverter plate (free smoke movement).
  • Combustion air (secondary air) flow is inadequate.

Combustion is out of control

  • The seals in the door or ash pan are no longer airtight (need replacing).
  • Chimney draught is too strong (install a throttle in the chimney). 
  • Check that ignition air flow has been closed.

The shaker grate has seized

  • Check that there is no wood, nails etc. that has got stuck.
  • Check that the shaker grate rod is seated correctly.