VARDE and the environment

There is a lot of focus on wood-burning stoves and the environment. It is a fact that particles are emitted into the environment when you fire up your wood-burning stove. The wood-burning stoves of today are, however, much more environmentally friendly than older models.

If you are going to think about the environment, while still enjoying the warm flames of your wood-burning stove, you need to fire it properly. Firing correctly allows you to minimise particle emissions which are harmful to the environment. 

Read how to fire your stove correctly here.

We thought about the environment on your behalf

We think it is important that our stoves are not an unnecessary environmental burden. We have therefore made sure that every single VARDE stove
has been subjected to careful testing by independent testing agencies for environmental impact. 

All VARDE wood-burning stoves are compliant with Danish regulations and standards, which are among the very strictest in the EU. This means that a VARDE wood-burning stove stands out as a top class environmental product among the many stoves that are available.

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