Maintaining your wood-burning stove


We recommend the use of fire-lighters when firing up your wood-burning stove. This ensures a good kindling, as fire-lighters are made to burn clearly and cleanly for a long time. Using newspapers etc. produces a non-uniform, poor combustion that causes pollution.

Read more to find out how to fire your stove correctly here.

Emptying ash

Ash in your wood-burning stove must be emptied when the layer of ash  in the bottom is too high. To remove the ash, shake the grill with a brisk movement so that the ash falls into the drawer. Make sure the stove is cold before starting to clean. Never use water on a wood-burning stove. 


Cleaning your wood-burning stove should be performed with care. For example, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head mounted, or a dry cloth. We recommend that you do not use a normal vacuum cleaner to remove ash from your stove, as the ash will ruin your vacuum cleaner.


If the heat-resistant paint on the exterior of the wood-burning stove becomes scratched, we recommend that you repair the damage with our Senotherm spray, which suits all VARDE stove variants.

Glass cleaner

To enjoy the full view of the fire, the glass will need to be kept clean. If you are firing your stove properly, the glass will normally burn itself clean automatically. If you need to clean the glass anyway, you should be careful if following the old “water and ash” cleaning method, as there is a risk that small stones in the ash will scratch the glass.

We recommend instead that you use our glass cleaner and Easy Clean sponge, specially made for the purpose.

Watch the video here.

VARDE STOVES – Cleaning the glass on a VARDE stove from Varde Ovne on Vimeo.